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Read the latest news about new data centers being built, colocation provider and Internet backbone expansion.  Check out the archive of colocation and network news separated by date company or topic.  This colocation news archive can help give you an overview of the industry or of a specific company's ups and downs.

Colocation News

colocation network news
Helpful tips everyone who manages colocated servers should read.  Tips and articles to save time and thousands of dollars.  Topics range from VOIP, IPTV, streaming video, data backup, routing, blade servers, selecting a colocation data center, history of the Internet/ colocation and just about every useful topic you will need. 

Colocation Tips

colocation user tips and resources

Find colocation service providers, dedicated servers, server hardware, data back up and other colocation related services.  Information on specialized colocation services and offerings ranging from free Internet bandwidth for education and government to ratings and colocation facilities by city, state or country.

Colocation Services


colocation services and companies


Our Mission In The Colocation Technology Community
Colocation Co - the colocation community resource site.  This site is established to share colocation news, tips, resources that benefit everyone from the beginner just starting to understand colocation and how it will help them with their Internet needs, perhaps for a new VOIP phone service or a gaming server, to the advanced user deciding weather to use HSRP or BGP as the routing protocol running on their routers for failover redundancy.   These articles will save the readers time, cost and headaches by helping them use sound judgment in setting up their collocated network of equipment no matter what the need.

For The Colocation Beginner
This site can be helpful for the colocation beginner with use of common language used in the articles that connect and explain different aspects of colocation so that it is easy to understand.  We feel that everyone can benefit from common language being used to simplify and make clear the purpose, benefits, or use of different colocation technology.  There are many important tips that we all gain through experience in setting up colocation by making mistakes.  These tips can be shared on this site to help others avoid the same pitfalls.  There are simple things to understand that seem like common sense but then when you look at one more detail it changes the wisdom and outcome.  Thus we can all gain from the wisdom of each others colocation experiences.

Topics that a beginner will enjoy vary from and understanding of Internet bandwidth calculations used in colocation such as 95% sustained usage vs. per GB of data transfer type plans, to calculating your real colocation equipment power needs.  Other basic topics cover the cost saving value of colocation vs. hosting the servers at a business location, how to utilize remote hands services and how to choose a colocation provider that is uniquely suited to your needs.  

For Those With Mid-Level Colocation Knowledge
The mid-level colocation user will gain from the knowledgeable articles that cover a variety of important topics such as deciding between the cost and benefit tradeoffs of choosing small form factor equipment such as blade servers along with their increased power consumption needs verses getting more space with power efficient machines.  Other articles shed light on important details to consider when choosing a gigabit Ethernet switch and deciding whether you will want to go with fiber optic network uplink with multi-mode or single mode fiber.   There is a valuable discussion that covers the gigabit Ethernet switch options such as managed with SNMP statistics verses a non-managed switch.  10GigE (ten gigabit Ethernet) switches are also detailed.

For The Advanced Colocation Guru
This group of topics, tips and articles covers more advanced colocation topics such as routing protocols, setting up failover connectivity with BGP, HSRP or other options.  These also cover differences between routing a private ASN as compared to a public ASN. Benefit from interesting discussions of network peering, high end router options and wholesale bandwidth plans. As an advanced user you also have much that you can contribute to help others so please take some time to give back by submitting your colocation tips to be posted and shared with others.

Colocation News To Help You Stay Up to Date Or Research a Potential Colocation Service Provider
Our colocation news archive not only is up to date, but it also has a useful database of colocation articles that will help you do research on the current history of a potential colocation service provider to fulfill your needs.  You can read about which companies are solid profitable and which companies have filed bankruptcy or are not paying their bills and closing facilities.  History is a great indicator of how a company is run and can help you decide if the experience that one company provides is better for your needs than another.  These news articles also show companies planned colocation facility locations and service specialties.  They can be very valuable for many reasons.

Colocation Community User Input Is Valued
You make the difference.  As you gain from these articles and from others valuable tips please take the time to share what has helped you or mistakes that you learned from.  Simple write up your experience and what you gained with details of why and our editors will edit and add it to this valuable Internet colocation archive.  Click here to submit a tip, resource or suggestion.  Thank you and enjoy!  

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